Ab Twister 10-in-1 Ab Workout Machine - Abdominal Exercise Machine

Published: 23rd June 2010
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Ab Twister 10-in-1 Ab workout Machine- Abdominal Exercise Machine is the most multi-purpose abdominal exercise machine available in the market today. This equipment opens a new window to regain control of your bulge. Ab twister lets you select from ten exercise to tone and tighten 6 completely different muscle groups. All these can be done sing one single machine.

One can also choose the three resistance levels or add extra resistance bands for a more challenging exercise program. This Ab Twister 10-in-1 Ab Workout Machine - Abdominal Exercise Machine strengthens the back muscle which in turn relieves the lower back pain and restores freedom of movement. One can use the equipment to lose an inch or lose a size and it will take only few minutes in a day.

This equipment features a tall handle bars attached to the padded seat through a large elastic band. When an individual sits on it the seat pulls the handle forward to strengthen the abdomen muscles. The handle bar also rotates in relation to the seat so the side oblique's also work well. The elastic can be adjusted to provide three levels of resistance and one can feel the strengthen and toning of lower and upper abdominal muscles, chest, arms and shoulder by just working on the machine for 3 minutes a day. It is constructed with durable material and all that the individual has to do is to put knees of the floor and grab the handle bar to move it forward.

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